Graduating from my old kaboodle.

I've had this plastic pink-and-blue kaboodle for many many years.  I believe my childhood friend Renee gave it to me some 15 years ago.  Amazing how some things stick around you in life.  At any rate, I had been thinking for some time that I've outgrown it, that it was a bit childish for someone who's almost (but not quite!) 30.  

So off and on I've been looking for a replacement to hold my various little bottles and compacts of makeup that I don't wear, of little grooming tools and colors and adornments.  I was kind of resigned to a life of faintly 'ethnic' looking rattan/bamboo/reed bins and boxes like the kind they sell at Target and Cost Plus.  That is, until I wandered into Ross the other day.

Ross, you say?  Yes, most of the time it is chock-full of dingy, poor quality crap.  But every once in a while, it surprises you with a gem.  And this day, I found my gem in this good-sized miniature set of apothecary drawers.  Or maybe they look more like a library card catalog.  At any rate I loved it instantly and knew it had to be mine, whatever the cost (which was not that much).
6 of the drawers are wooden with dainty metal handles and 3 of the drawers are some kind of antiqued base metal.  I just love how square it is, and how it seems to fit almost everything perfectly, and how I can separate all my things with such exacting precision.  I even got a little drawer denizen, the ceramic white elephant riding on top, to keep it company (also from Ross).  

I've also included a picture of the old plastic kaboodle which will soon be making its way to the local Goodwill.
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I used to have a pink & purple Kaboodle almost identical to yours! I like the apothecary style, though it would never work in our bathroom given the itsy-bitsy-no-counterspace bit of a thing that it is. We do have a much larger apothecary chest in our bedroom and I've struggled a little on using the small drawers to organize things. I may have to revisit with the idea of makeup and other cosmetics that I don't/can't store in the bathroom anyway.
I was not satisfied with the links to define Kaboodle. However, I did get a laugh out of Kitten Kaboodle.
I still stuff most of my things into one huge drawer in my dressing table :( Hope I chance on something like this myself to keep stuff where they belong.
Nice! So how much was it? My sister and mom regular extol finding such diamonds in the rough from Ross.
it's so true about ross - great find!
@Steve I think it was like $19... =)
I am 37 years old and still use my Kaboodle....I have thought about getting rid of it many times but it holds everything nicely and its easy for storing away. I received it one Christmas about 22 years time flies. Cheers!
@Karriann Haha good to know that i'm not the only one who kept a kaboodle around for so long!
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