Google Reader is srsly the sheeeeet.

I guess I was pretty bad about keeping up with different websites before, but lately there have been more and more blogs and sites that I find myself wanting to keep up with.  Even the usual five -, fashion toast, sea of shoes,,, have been really hard to check on regular rotation.  And then there are the plethora of other fantastic sites that just go ignored and unread.

I am so late to the Google Reader party - I don't know why I avoided using it for so long.  It is seriously one of the best products that Google puts out (and they put out a lot of neat stuff don't they?).  I guess I didn't realize just how much it could streamline my blog-reading and online content-reading experience.

I'm sure most of you are using it already, being early-adopter types, but in case you aren't, I highly recommend it!