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Well, they're able to leverage many of their existing products this time, unlike Wave, whose fatal flaw was the lack of email notifications. Also, I don't recall Lively. What was that?
Haha Tony, exactly! Lively was Google's misguided attempt to
replicate Second Life...
Oh yea I think I remember lively mentioned on buzz out load way back when. I'm still not sure about buzz yet.
I mean buzz out loud
Lively, then Wave, then Buzz... All were hardly innovative products (seriously, wave? I've used it for collaborating but nothing groundbreaking as they hyped it up to be) and I'm guessing Buzz is going to be just another joke like the rest.

Using GMail's web interface as a social networking site is such a no-no... :-(

Looks like orkut 2.0!!!!!
looks lame imho...
That's the nature of google. They do not spend enough time and thought into interface design. Just as android will always look like linux and primarily appeal to techie people. Buzz will be under Twitter & facebook's shadow for a long while
thumbs down so far...
For my part every person should read it.
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