Google announces

I don't know quite what to make of it, but it seems to me one of the most far-fetched ideas to come out of Google Labs (Street View being another, but that turned out to be pretty freaking awesome, and useful too).  I never really understood why people took other 3-D web ventures like Second Life so seriously (even after I tried it--but that's another blog post).  I wonder if Niniane, the engineer who dreamed this up as a 20% project, knows something the rest of us don't.

Anyway, fat chance getting to play around with it, as it crashed my Acer, and I couldn't figure out how to customize my avatar, and I couldn't figure out how to even control where I was looking or where I was walking in the "Goth Island" room I somehow found myself in.  If I ever get it working again, it might be fun to use it to practice my home decorating skillz in building a room.

As another user put it: "It seems to be a bad copy of Second Life. Somehow all the rooms are crowded, and porn has made its way in there already."

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It looks interesting, in that "there's 20 minutes of my life I'll never get back" sort of way, but so far I'm one of the (seemingly large number of) people who can't quite get it running. On the bright side, if it doesn't work, I suppose it can't do any evil either...

Gosh I have a hard time managing my first life, why would a second one be more "lively" or productive for that matter? Let me get the hang on my first one for the next 40 years, I'll deal with the next one in the afterlife. That's what some of us have reincarnation for, right?

Given that a large part of google's ads are probably porn or porn-related, it seems sort of natural!

I never got Second Life to work on my computer so this I haven't even tried. It seems so NOT-Google?!

Rupisima, thats funny...i tend to concur with you though av not a hard time managing mine, just needs to get a grip on it.