Goodbye, Spring

Just some beautiful vegetables I cooked a while back, including fresh asparagus, zucchini and purple carrots from Berkeley Bowl.

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That is one beautiful picture!!!

Hey, Stephanie ... how long has it been now since we started here at Posterous?

Oh, how nice! Purple carrots! I had yellow ones already, ordinary red ones I cooked today, but never got some with this extravagance. I hope they tasted delightfully.
Thanks Sita!  They did in fact taste delightfully =)  Nutty and flavorful!
Hi,Steph! Great photo. Thanks! You can read now, Part 1 - A Collection of Quotable (?) Quotes, by your subscriber, at
Tongue-in-chee, satirical but with serious undertones. Parts 2, 3, & 4 will also be published at my site soon. Hope it'll bring a smile on your face even more! See you, dear!
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