Good argument for non-English-speaking nannies

One of the executives here has the most adorable-hilarious 16-month-old who toddles around the office, and I think it's fantastic that he'll grow up knowing Spanish, even though he's British-Indian, because that's what his nanny speaks to him.

* Little boy toddling up to the water cooler and pushing on random buttons *

Nanny: Caliente!
Little boy: Noooo!  * continues to push *
Nanny: Si!  * grabbing him away from the cooler *

I guess that's why you usually have to do an extra little twist to get the hot water to come out of the cooler.
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Kids have an amazing faculty for languages. My cousin grew up in a household where her grandmother spoke Hakka, her mother Mandarin, her father Cantonese, and her sister English. She grew up speaking all four.
Kids have an amazing faculty for almost everything. Like music too!
Is that why I can't get the hot water to come out? =) j/k

Dude, I want my kids to speak four languages. My dad used to speak five (he's forgotten his Vietnamese since he hasn't used it in 30 years). I feel so inadequate being bilingual only!

"bilingual only" hahaha.  Oh Wendy, you sound like an overachiever.  If your dad moved to San Jose or Orange County he could use his Vietnamese again =)
I had a friend that had 3 languages spoken to him. English, Chinese and Japanese. He blames his minor stutter for this. I wonder if there is a correlation?