Garry would love my VenusZine

even though the target demo seems to be women in their early 20s.  It's the total anti-Cosmo.  Not a single article on boys or silly sex moves.  It's all music, DIY, alterna-fashion, art, current issues.

When I receive a new magazine issue in the mail every month, my usual ritual is to go through the entire thing and rip out all the ads I can (I get really annoyed when they alternate ads with content).  I usually end up with a little over half of the original paper weight.  With VenusZine though, even the ads are interesting, and the rest is really content-rich.  It's for chicks (and sympathetic dudes) with brains.  How refreshing!

For the record, titles that get me through the month include: Domino, Bon Appetit, and VenusZine. If I wanted to get a fourth it would be Harper's Bazaar.  I asked Garry for a subscription to The Economist but didn't like how much it editorialized...Fortune and BusinessWeek have pretty good content (except I don't see why a business mag needs to have a regular feature on wine) but let's face it--they bore me.  =D