Freshly baked: Toffee Magazine

Just wanted to give a shout-out to Toffee Magazine, a new indie/DIY publication I worked with to advertise in their launch issue. I just received a digital copy of the magazine and I have to say I'm super impressed at the high production value, quality execution, and lovely retro/vintage feel of the whole thing.

Honestly, between the yummy looking recipes, art and crafts projects, exclusive interviews, and 'delicious, chewy centre,' I may consider subscribing to it myself.
Inside this issue, you’ll discover how Danielle Thompson keeps it wacky in the ‘burbs, why Zee Longenecker is walking on sunshine, what makes Mati Rose take the path less travelled and why Kristen Doran still plays with dolls.You’ll also find tips on how to make a fruity facemask, recipes for dainty desserts, ideas for an eco-friendly Chrissy and much more!

And don’t forget our *delicious* chewy centre featuring 24 pages of craft to keep you sewing, knitting, papercrafting and scrapbooking ‘til Tuesday. PLUS: every download includes a bonus craft kit packed with 10 printable papers for gift wrapping, craft or scrapbooking!
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Love this its a shame they don't distribute to the UK.....they would love this back home.
Wait, I thought this was a UK publication??
Apologies Stephanie I have been in the States far too long! Will look this up when I get back in February.
hello! *toffee* here! I am a digital magazine and craft kit - you can download me from anywhere in the world! Thanks for the little shout-out ;)
Awesome! Can't wait to check this out (:
I have to be honest - this cover made me want to get something sweet! It is beautiful. Very retro, very light, very attractive and very well done!
Thanks Kila - glad you like it!
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