Foster's Market Scones

This recipe I can actually share because it is already out there in the Internets.  This is for the basic scones but you can add a bunch of delicious things like berries, pineapple, chocolate chips/espresso, cinnamon-apple.  Today I made blueberry-lemon.

I first encountered this recipe through my former boss, Arlene.  She made the best scones ever--moist, flaky, not at all dry.  I begged her for the recipe before the company shut down.  She obliged by making a photocopy. I never actually made the scones until today...I've been meaning to make them all week, because I had a bunch of blueberries that were slowly going bad in the fridge. 

I was very tempted to reduce the butter when I saw how much the recipe called for, but resisted the urge and actually followed the recipe exactly (except I halved it, and it was still a lot - 8 good-sized scones).  

Good thing I did, because they were as deliciously crumbly and flaky as I remember.  Plus I got some good practice cutting in butter with two knives, the oldschool way (new school: use a pastry cutter or food processor).

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butter...a must for great scone. don't be afraid...just add it in! savory scones are just as great. have you had them?
I'm glad your scones turned out well. As soon as blueberry or strawberries are back in season and I tracked down baking powder, baking soda and buttermilk in Rome I will make them. :)
those are some mighty good looking scones!
@reggie aren't savory scones just buiscuits? =)

@arlene I imagine baking powder and baking soda shoudln't be hard... buttermilk might be more of a challenge but you can also substitute regular milk and lemon juice i think (I would google it)

@wendy thanks!

A great deal of effective info for me!