Foodie Tuesday: Brown Sugar Discs

A somewhat lazy Foodie Tuesday for you today.  If you ever wondered whether there is an alternative to having rock-hard brown sugar from which you must chisel pebbly hunks from every time you want to make chocolate chip cookies...well, wonder no more.

These nifty little terra cotta discs will restore the fluffy soft texture of your brown sugar, as it was meant to be.  And if your brown sugar is already nice and fluffy, they will keep it that way.

No, I don't really understand how they work except maybe that there is controlled release of moisture involved.  Available at a bunch of places, most conveniently Amazon

And yes, they come in all sorts of fun shapes/designs.

6 responses
That sounds like a miracle. I'll have to try it in our lump of brown sugar. It also makes me want to make some bisqued clay and see if that would work.
If you don't want to spend $10, put a slice of bread. I've been doing it for a few weeks and so far, so good. :)
Oh but won't the bread get moldy Maggie???
OH man I need some of those!!!
You can also microwave the "hard" sugar to bring it back as long as it's not too old.
Hmm interesting Yvette - but how do you make sure you don't melt the sugar in the microwave?
@Stephanie - so far, no moldy bread :)