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Hilarious, I was there last night too! Those banana leaf tamales are enormous - I wasn't starving so I went for the corn leaf one with pork and green sauce. I want to work my way through their menu and sample all the other Oaxacan items, but haven't made much headway because the tamales always are too cheap and delicious to pass up!
@Adam Interesting, are the corn tamales good?  It seems pointless to get them because you can get them anywhere.  I do want to try one of those giant tostada things though.
Ha -- Sanny and I had these for dinner last night as well. I actually prefer their corn leaf tamales.
Yep, the corn ones are almost as good. I think they just have superior fillings to other places. That mole is amazing. I've tasted the tlayudas (the giant tortillas) too...pretty good, but I don't think I was sober enough to remember whether they're worth $12 apiece.

The thing to avoid here is the ostrich tacos, which have overcooked meat and expensive at $5 a taco. I haven't tried some of the other gimmicky meats like venison but suspect they're similarly afflicted.