First sewing project in a long time.

Hope everyone is having a great holiday break!  To help fill my newfound leisure time, I lugged my Kenmore sewing machine 300 miles back home to LA.  The first order of business was a pair of armwarmers or fingerless gloves, because it's been super cold and I was struck by inspiration when I saw this rather sweet black and white rose print against an old lavender scarf that a friend gave me.  Lavender was once my favorite color (and still is one of the faves).  

It was one of those, a-ha, why didn't I think of that before kind of moments.  When I saw them together I knew what I had to do.

I started by making the ruffle for the trim.  That was straightforward, just some careful measuring, ironing, and sewing with a very long stitch before pulling the thread to make the fabric bunch up.

Then, the pattern.  I looked up a bunch of glove-making tips online but couldn't really find a good pattern for fingerless gloves.  So I modified the guidelines set forth in this very helpful step-by-step demo of how to first make a pattern, then construct a pair of costume gloves (the ones here are gorgeous!).  

I screwed up the pattern-making, as I did not account for the fact that my arm is about 9 in. in diameter at its thickest, and I didn't cut enough fabric.  I had to add scrap pieces to make up the difference.  The first part of the construction wasn't so bad, but then I found the thumb extremely difficult to attach--I had to do it by hand, and I still don't like how it fits... there is some extra room in the fabric that I could probably take in a bit.  

Oh well.  A decent first effort, I say.  I have to figure out what I'd do differently next time... definitely work with a different fabric because that fake acrylic I used from the scarf kept falling apart.

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Sewing is so much trial and error. My friend Ruth and I laugh over the fact we do it wrong almost every time the first time we sew something new. Part of the process, really...
valiant effort! certainly not a bad first try, especially since you made the pattern yourself!
haha I felt so dumb after I'd already cut out the fabric from the scarf and wrapped it around my arm and realized I still had an inch or two. my mom and brother laughed at me.
very creative work, i really like it
Oh, this is creative - girl after my own heart.
Thanks Jan! =)
I’m glad that your first sewing project was successful. Your designs for arm warmers or fingerless gloves were really fashionable. You were able to prove that sewing is a good recreational activity that can be an excellent business as well.
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