First resolution completed!

As I resolved in my 2009 List of Things To-Do, tonight my friend and I made my former coworker's secret family recipe for chocolate chip cookies. They are extraordinary--fluffy, tender and melty out of the oven, chewy and delicious a day or two later.

I begged him for six months to share the recipe with me, and after he finally did, I proceeded to sit on it for two full years.  Well I finally made them and am very happy to report that after following the recipe to the letter they turned out just as kickass as I remember!  The keys are the very specific type of fat used, the cookie size and the baking time.

I think it would be in poor taste to post the recipe since it's not really mine to share.  But here are some pictures!

PS. Isn't Crystal cute with her big ole oven mitts!

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They look so good. No chance you would share the recipe?
Can you please ask the person who owns the recipe and see if that person will allow you to post it on posterous? Thanks.
recipe?? secret forever?
Any luck getting a hold of him and asking him to approve the sharing of this recipe? I'm hoping to make these cookies this weekend.
If you send me your e-mail I could see about forwarding it directly to you...
Hello. Thanks for considering this. My email is
wow cool:))
and also i want the recipe :))
Those look nice. Are they made with Crisco or with lard?
Neither!  they are made with imperial butter.
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