Finally added Google Analytics to my Posterous.

Apologies to Garry and Sachin for not realizing earlier how easy this was to do.  I guess it was such a pain to add the tracking code to my old blogspots that I just kept procrastinating even though I was curious to find out what kind of traffic I was getting on posterous.

Well, the boys have done it again!  They make it so simple, easy and elegant, that I think it's kind of tragic how long I've been putting this off and I now wish I could get back all those lost days of untracked blogging.  Here's the play-by-play:

1. Sign up for Analytics.  It's fast, easy and free at:
2. Add a new profile (towards the bottom of the management pane)
3. Fill in the domain and click "finish"!
4. Copy the domain ID (the UA-XXXXXX-X number)
5. Go to the "manage" tab of your posterous and click "Edit Settings"
6. Paste the domain ID in the box under "Google Analytics."

You're done!  I didn't even have to touch the tracking code at all.  Works so beautifully it brings a tear to my eye.

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I still need to do this. very soon though.
that is very useful- if I cared.
huh? what does this do for you? i'm too simple-minded for these things...
Haha it tracks who is visiting your website, where they're coming from, how long they stay, which pages they view more, etc etc etc.  It's more of a nice-to-know for me, but if you ever set up a company website with, say, a range of products to sell, then it can be very useful for optimization.'s good for ads placement in future when Posterous supports theming or more control over it's layout. stat app has heat mapping (though i don't see it in my control panel), that's even better cos you'll know what are the 'Hot Spot' on your site.
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