Figures =(

I have this cow-brown Kenneth Cole cropped, double-breasted leather aviator jacket with huge lapels that I bought on major sale two years ago ($150, down from $400).  Until today, I never wore it because I thought it would make me look like an assassin (all I need are spike-heeled boots and big sunglasses).  Or, at least, an aviator.

When I took it out of the garment bag this morning, cut off the tags and put it on over some regular clothes, though, I realized it looked fine.  Good, even.  So I was pretty happy about that as I went to work.

Then of course, at lunch, I somehow got hummus smeared onto the sleeve.  Now it's got these ugly stains and I don't know how to get rid of them without ruining the leather =( =( =(

Isn't it ironic?

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Maybe you can test a hidden area or behind a button to see what cleans the leather without ruining it.
You could put little butterfly patches over the stains, like ornamentation, your own adornment. Nothing says, I'm not an assassin like butterflies on the cuff.
Take it to a professional cleaner. Look in your area for leather cleaners and they should be able to help you.
aw, steph! you're like the little kid at school at ends up with kool-aid smeared down her shirt after lunch every day. =) get it cleaned soon before the stain sets!

i LOVE the jacket though. it looks great on you!

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