Eat a Chicken Wing with Little to No Mess - from Food Wishes

Where o where have these instructions been all my life? Thanks to Grant for the tip - though it doesn't have any instructions for those of us who like to avoid the fat as well. I guess there isn't much point to eating chicken wings if you're not going to eat the fat.

My favorite lines: 

“If any meat comes out with it, just, you know, suck it off the bone.”
“You dip it, you eat it, it’s fantastic.”

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Great! Who knew! Guess now I'll have to end my bone gnawing ways...
Amazing... Now I need someone to tell me where to find chicken wings in Ulaanbaatar.
Great info, since I eat chicken wings at least twice a week. And if you ever need a guest post on how to pop the perfect bag of popcorn, or how to nuke and eat a hot dog in less than 30 seconds, let me know. I'm a seasoned vet.
@Dana One need never stop bone-gnawing, especially if it tastes better that way. @Dave Mongolians totally eat chickens. And wings. With buffalo milk. Gives new meaning to 'buffalo wings' don't it? @Trudy There are a great many things that should be taught in school, like the most humane way to kill and cook a crab! @Rowdy I was just thinking this blog needed more instruction on consuming absurdly processed meat. So what was your going rate again, $0.10/word?
Holy cow! This should make front page news. Love the insightful instructions!
Hey, there is a great deal of effective info above!
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