Early 90s Monday: No end in sight.

I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of the great gobs of warm cheesy goodness that is early 90s pop music.  I'm going to start re-capping past favorites at the bottom of these posts.

Mariah Carey, "Vision of Love," 1990
Her very first single, ever.  I can't believe how wide-eyed and humble she used to be, and it's always refreshing to hear just how amazingly talented she has always been, though her voice these days sounds like it's petering out on her.  Still one of my favorite songs, and always a good one to order up in the KTV room. 

Color Me Badd, "I Ador Mi Amor," 1991

Nope, I canNOT keep a straight face watching this video.  I can't believe we all used to think these guys were so smoking hot!  Especially the one that looks like Kenny G!  One thing I gotta give them, though, is how multicultural the group is.  Impressive.

3. Mr. Big, "Be With You" and Mint Condition, "Breaking My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)"
2. PM Dawn, "Die Without You" and Mista Grimm, "Indo Smoke
1. Boyz II Men, "Motownphilly" and Paula Abdul, "Opposites Attract"
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You know what's a great way to recall music from the good ol' days? pandora.com

I heard a playlist seeding Salt-n-Pepa, and, man, was it cheesy greatness. =) The beats Pandora picked up...and the explanation it gives for why each song is included...

I saw one of the Color Me Badd guys on TV once this year, and he was living a really normal life, raising kids and working on a pickup truck in suburbia, wearing a flannel top and baggy jeans.

hahahaha I wonder if he's still living off the royalties.