Early 90s Monday: Givin' the Paperboy Something to Feel

The goodness continues!

Paperboy, "Ditty," 1993
Talk about a one-hit wonder.  I remember two guys from our sixth grade class danced to this song in front of all the sixth graders during PE and they were sooooooooooooo coooooooooooooool.

En Vogue, "Giving Him Something He Can Feel," 1992
I really love this video--classic, sexy, and some beautiful vocal styling.  En Vogue is one of my favorite girl groups ever.  They are true originals. 

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Wow. Paperboy "Ditty"! Haven't thought about that song in years! thanks for taking me back :)
My pleasure, as always!

Paperboy "Ditty"... thanks for the trip back to high school. ;)

"Free Your Mind" was always my favorite En Vogue song... love that dissonant harmony leading into the chorus. EV so pwns Destiny's Child!

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