Discipline and Meaning.

I need more of these two things in all areas of my life.  I've been running and running away from the mere thought of exercising discipline in anything, but realized, only recently, that lack of discipline has slowly but certainly sapped out most of the meaning, too.  So I decided finally to try it out, starting with prayer.  If I can handle that, then maybe I can move on to bigger things like career.  And sewing.

Eating, I noticed, and consuming in general, is the one area whose meaning is totally independent of discipline.  All you need, it seems, is an uncompromising passion for quality.

Cooking, however, is not independent of discipline.

If only I could make a career out of consuming. 
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Discipline is like coffee. When you drink it you feel like superman, when you don't you miss how it makes you a better person, but too much of it gives you ulcer.
Wow that is very insightful =D
man without decepline is not man.
i think decepline is a way of self control.