Dilemmas: Should I buy this dining table, or should I make a kickass "found door" dining table?

I need to answer this question by tomorrow to take advantage of their no-sales-tax sale.  So if you have an opinion, lemme know!

Today I saw a dining table at Therapy SF that I fell in love with.  It also happened to be a great deal.  "Make no mistake," I told Garry.  "That table is a great deal."  It was a solid wood square slab with rounded corners and a metalwork base kind of like the Eames Eiffel chair.  It was $150 down from $300, and with no sales tax.  Even at IKEA, a piece-of-crap dining table set costs $100 or more.  And a single Eames Eiffel chair from DWRcosts $250!  So I consider this a very good buy.
The only thing is, I don't know if I can fit it in my new apartment.  It's not big, but my apt is v. v. small.

Then, I was poking around archived posts at Design Sponge and saw this totally awesome DIY project that actually looks kind of easy: an old door + pretty paper or paint + table legs = beautiful large dining table.  It has a totally different feel to it, but I think the idea is absolutely brilliant -- check out the full DIY document.  What to do!?

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I prefer the kickass "found door" dining table!
Funny I was just in Therapy MV today and was tempted to buy a few things. Anyway, if you have the time the second one seems much cooler :)
I also had wanted to do the diy dining table... you are going to have to build into your cost either delivery or truck rental to buy the door! The Therapy table looks lovely and is a great buy!! As much as I am pro-DIY, I'd probably go with the Therapy table.
Steph, go look at Inside SF in Hayes Valley, they sell the Eames version for around the same price.
Do they have a round version of the Therapy one? I've been looking for an affordable table like that!

If you're a big DIY, I'd go for the second one. It'd be a unique piece and conversation started. I'm not much of a DIY, so I'd personally go for the first one.

Oooh, tough decision! I tend a little more toward rustic styling versus modern, so the DIY found door idea sounds fabulous. That's actually one of the things on my long house to-do list. Problem is, I'd probably end up agonizing over finding *just* the right door, or *just* the right table legs...or something. So, if you like the other one, it sounds like a fabulous deal, and it's already all done :) Whichever one you decide, you should post pics of the final dining area!
Omg I love the door idea. It looks gorgeous, not to mention super unique.
buy the table. Its on sale! you can have it now. Make something to go on the table. Like dinner :-)
Therapy SF!!! Its a great deal, and its waiting for you.
Depends. Does the $100 table come with the chairs? Probably not. I can't know. If it does that's the winner. The door plus chairs plus whatever it costs to get them to your place plus the glass plus other supplies will be more than the $100. I hate how a lot of projects that are DIY aren't really cheaper than buying something though there is something to be said for the satisfaction of making something useful. I have a big problem procrastinating and suffer from having a lot of materials for projects I never started or finished. Just some stuff for you to think about. I really do like the modern set. The door/table will be more about patience and a long term commitment.
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