Checking in, 2010 To-Do List: I have a lot of stuff ahead of me.

Some may remember that I have a habit of putting together these yearly to-do lists.  I also like to check in every season or so to evaluate my progress.  Think of them as personal OKRs (for non-Googlers, that's Objectives and Key Results).  

Based on my year-to-date performance, I get a BIG FAT F-. Luckily, there are five months left in the year, and I've learned to make decent ravioli, which means I may be able to attempt Grant Achatz's Black Truffle Explosion before the end of the year.

Also, I have some additions:
  • Buy a new computer (and maybe a smartphone), finally
  • Get texting enabled on my phone
  • Attempt to make French macarons (preferably chocolate)
  • Start a journal for work/personal development
  • Use up the $20 credit that has been hanging around my account for months. This is more of a challenge than you'd think, because their inventory stinks.
  • Do a serious editing of my closet by the end of summer
  • Transfer to digital copy that play I produced in college and send it to all the cast/crew

  • Asia: Japan (visit Asta-PastaOR Hong Kong and one other Chinese province I haven't been (SichuanXinjiang, Tibet, Fujian)
  • Domestic: New Mexico, DC area, New Orleans/Texas, NYC OR Hawaii.
  • Local: LAKE TAHOE IN THE SUMMERTIME. And perhaps a local weekend camping trip.
  • Bonus: Europe OR South America (Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Peru OR Spain/Italy/Turkey/Greece OR Costa Rica)
  • Bonus: Winter Olympics in Vancouver!
Health & Wellness
  • Seriously, sleep 7+ hours at least 3x/week.
  • Do something active 1-2 times a week (join a class if I have to), and hike 1x/month.
  • Strengthen my bum knee - 20 pounds (hey, baby steps).
  • Invest.
Spiritual/Personal Growth
  • Pray, early and often
  • Give 10%.
  • Attend a smallgroup at least 2x/month
  • Cultivate charity, patience, serenity, and grace (in other words, stop talking and complaining so darn much)
  • Find one regular, long-term, and meaningful volunteer activity (identify by February 2010)
  • ReadThe Far Pavilions, Malcolm X, Confederacy of Dunces, BluebeardThe Master & Margarita, Dune (I'm listening to this one on audiobook now, but it's hard to follow)
  • WatchBrazilThe Orphic TrilogyM, finish Buffy: Season 7 (I'm halfway through, but they are scary to watch by myself!), Chariots of Fire, Rocky
Personal Projects
5 responses
I salute your ambition (and your energy- that's quite a list)
Haha Matthew, it's already much better than my 2009 list =D
You've got spunk, girl ! I'm always trying to re-evaluate myself, goals and progressions. Its an important part of a healthy life. Best of Luck !
Thanks so much, Kelly! =)
I haven't visited your Posterous in a couple months, fun to check back and see what you have been up to :) I like to read it because I can relate to it, seems like we kinda think alike and enjoy many of the same things. So, I like your list. I am really bad at the "sleep 7+ hours at least three times a week" one. I did all your travel ones EXCEPT Winter Olympics (but I did go to Vancouver!). Your spiritual ones are great. Anyway, good luck keeping up with all these!