Carrie Chau: Wunying Collection

I discovered this Hong Kong illustrator through my iGoogle artist themes.  It's just the balance of oddball and pretty that I love.  Reminds me a little of Maurice Sendak and Yoshitomo Nara, maybe a little dreamier and not so rebel-hipster.

She also does home stuff and accessories.  Check out her products here.

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steph!! i haven't seen a blog update for so long i thought you had stopped posting, didn't know you had moved over to xanga. oh so good to know you're still posting.

so i have to just shamelessly plug - i worked on igoogle for hk (and the original hk skin). they found some really good artists for the contest.

oh and we miss you in beijing :( have been going out a lot lately, but it's not the same w/o you and armin :) things have changed quite a bit here, will have to catch up on the happenings some time.

love your profile, very cute ;) 赞!!

hey dude! good to know you're keeping up the crazy marathon friday nights.
Find any cool new places? Did you ever try Cargo or World of Suzie Wong?
I'm thinking of going back to china this fall, maybe to xinjiang or
something =P and of course i'd stop by beijing.

I was originally on xanga since the beginning--2001. I used blogger just
for Beijing, i dunno, maybe out of company loyalty. but posterous is a
matter of loyalty too :)

Isn't it interesting how important it is for an artist to develop a distinctive and recognizable style?

PS, Hey YK, hope things are going well out there.

Yes and yes on cargo and suzie wong. Cargo is ok and suzie wong is
kinda overrated. Been hanging out a lot at nanluoguxiang lately. If
you haven't been there are some really cute lounges you'll just love.
Only in BJ kind of places.

Yes do come back to bj soon! I'm going to outer mongolia trekking for
a wk next wk, should be pretty awesome. We can go to xinjiang together

Gman - love the site man, that's what usability is all about. We
shouldve built stuff like this at ms. Are you guys using all lamp
stuff? I presume no amazon s3 or appengine stuff right?

On 6/29

very cool! i have igoogle set on rotating artist themes so i can admire them all. well, most of them anyway.

Oooh! I love this!

dude yk, I went to nanluoguxiang like every week. try the almond tofu at
Alba, and the hangzhou baozi place down the street from the indian place.

janechin and bluechameleon-- I know, aren't the artist themes great? =D

hehe, well i guess i have to find some other places to impress steph then :)
ah, but have you been to the hotpot place down a side hutong of nlgx where
kissing earns you a free plate of cow tongues? yes, bj is missing your
partying ways :P

Yes actually, I know exactly the place you're talking about... but I never
actually ate there.

Did I already mention the tofu pudding at Alba? It's glorious.

tofu pudding - what flavor?

Sorry I mean almond tofu pudding. They put cream in it or something--simply

Sorry I mean almond tofu pudding. They put cream in it or something--simply

yes, and no, i haven't tried it yet. but looks like another thing to add to
my to-do list :) this email-to-comment feature is strangely addictive,
reminds me of facebook. good job garry :)

it's like having mini-chats all the time. it's great!

This would get a little annoying though, if I didn't have gmail. Thank
goodness for gmail threads.