Can someone please refer me to a movie in which Gena Rowlands was ever good?

Because I've seen a handful of her later films - The Notebook, Playing By Heart, Paris Je T'aime, and in every one of them I'm flabbergasted by how bad of an actress she is.  Totally dull and uninteresting, unlike the effervescent Meryl Streep.

Maybe if I saw one of her earlier films, I'd be a bit more convinced.

Gena Rowlands then:

And Gena Rowlands now:

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Not so fair comparing her to Streep. Against her, 99% of the actresses out there pale by comparison : )
Not an expert on her here, maybe try "Gloria" or "A woman under the influence" both unseen by me, but she got Oscar nomination nods in both.
Haha ok fine, Meryl is an exception but I still think Gena is a bad
actress... Perhaps my opinion can change after I check out these
movies. Thanks for the tip Carlos!
My heart sinks when I read comments like the above; it's a bit like placing a personal add and saying "I don't really have much of a clue about anything and I'm not afraid to tell the world. Someone please tell me the difference between Spam and the Niki symbol." And just what point are you trying to make by showing us two photos of the same actress? 1. She looks lean and moody in the first? 2. She looks old and past it in the second? Amazing.
@Steve well, I think it's a bit farfetched to say I don't have a clue about anything, but I clearly don't have a clue about Gena Rowlands except the few movies I've seen her in, all of which were bad.  And no, I'm not afraid to tell the world I don't know much about Gena Rowlands.  That is certainly a subject I have no problem having no clue about, and thus willingly and honestly invite constructive commentary and suggestions. 
I have to say your comment, however, is also amazing, in that it is neither enlightening nor interesting, and thus even more pointless than the question I posed, which was really just an idle point of discussion.  
The purpose of posting both photos is to suggest that a lot has changed over the years.  Yes, physically, the actress has seen better days.  But more likely her acting was also much stronger back then, and all artists have a peak, and it's entirely likely that Gena Rowlands enjoyed her professional peak years ago, and her skills have deteriorated since then.
And so, if you can't come up with anything intelligent or helpful to say, I suggest you take your inconsequential commentary to the Techcrunch blog, where they seem to invite that sort of thing.
I've done some research on IMDB and I can't remember her from anything she's been in. That being said -- she was in an episode of "Bonanza", so I think that gives you lifetime immunity.
* smile * thanks, Danny.
The reason I came across this blog is because I can't get enough of Gina Rowlands and wanted to know more about her. Thought she was superb in "The Notebook" and "Skeleton Key"; noted that she looked familiar and am perusing her earlier career highlights.
So an opinion is just that. I have mine; you have yours.
@Salty thanks for your thoughts - I guess actresses simply have a different appeal to different people.  I didn't enjoy her later roles as much, but I'm willing to try watching some of her earlier work.
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