Brown Sugar Kitchen

I've been wanting to get brunch at Brown Sugar Kitchen in Oakland for like, ever.  My brother was the first to tell me about this amazing place that serves "upscale soul food" - that is, down-home eats from a classically trained chef.

I thought I was over the concept of chicken and waffles years ago, in LA, when any friend who visited inexplicably wanted to go to Roscoe's.  Eggo waffles + mediocre fried chicken = less-than-transcendent taste experience.  I got tired of it fast.  But enter BSK - delicate "home" made cornmeal waffles sidled up next to masterfully crisp-fried chicken.  A match made in heaven.
Beyond the chicken and waffles though, BSK has an impressive offering of other delicious down-home southern treats.  We got the smoked chicken and shrimp gumbo (with okra!) and the beignets as well.  But I was so tempted to order at least 5 other things including the buttermilk biscuits, cornbread, shrimp and grits, dirty rice and oyster po'boy.  Guess I'll be making my way back to Oakland in the near future.

Note: The best time to go to BSK seems to be soon before it closes, like 2:30pm.  Otherwise you can expect at 45 min. wait on weekend mornings.  Also allow 30 min. for your order of chicken and waffles!
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Are you kidding me? Roscoe's is the best!
Chicken and waffles? Are you serious? What a strange combo
Um, that gumbo looks amazing. I love gumbo. All this food looks yummy! Have you been to farmerbrown in the city? It's also a yummy soul food place...and it supports local organic African-American farmers!
omg Jean, did I never invite you to my SF bay area list of good eats!?
i've always wanted to try this place..gumbo looks yummy!
I've visited twice, each time over an hour and a half time given. The pics look delicious but is it worth the wait?
I think next time I may just get the food to-go :)
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