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I love that title..'the Art of Selling yourself.' You have a lot of cool interests.

My thesis was a non-fiction collection, which I'm still working on in a really half-assed way. It's the one thing I should be dedicating my time to, and for that reason it seems to be the one thing I dare not approach. I swear, it's like kryptonite. :)

Like, creative nonfiction?  I also wrote some of that in college =)

Hey Steph, yeah, creative non-fiction, a memoir of sorts.

What did you write about? I bet it was great, judging by what I've read on your blog, your insight and point of view. My compliments hey.

Aw, you are too nice!
I wrote a handful of essays on a number of things.  One was a meditation on health, pain, and the body... one was on being caught between cultures (Chinese and Burmese) and the nuances of prejudice among Asian groups... one was about a failed relationship with a guy who later turned out to be gay... another on being a girl and sisterhood.

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