Bookmobile Wednesday: 5 days late

Sorry, last week was pretty busy at work.  But never fear, I still made it to the bookmobile and checked out some good stuff, including Clay Pigeons with one of my favoritest actress/comediennes ever, and the Counting Crows' seminal album.  I am still not sure if my love/admiration for the Counting Crows can quite outweigh my utter hatred of Maroon 5, or I would buy a ticket to their upcoming concert at Shoreline.  Ah well.

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Wait, why do you hate Maroon 5? :( They're not so bad...
Remember, I have two extra tickets for that concert, unless you're going to go high class and get fancy seats... Com'n, you know you want to hear "Mr.Jones" in person.
omg I really, really hate maroon 5.  Not as much as I hate Nickelback, but I do hate them.  The only song of theirs that I can tolerate is "She Will Be Loved."  Otherwise, I think the lead singer sounds like a total jerk, and I've never even seen him.

In fact, my esteem of the Counting Crows might actually have gone down a little knowing that they are touring with Maroon 5 =P  How much are tickets, Tony?

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