Blast from the past

I went with my brother to Marukai, one of the largest Japanese specialty markets around here.  Besides the crazy $120/lb. Wagyu beef for sale and the much more reasonably priced sukiyaki I bought, I came across this candy I used to eat when I was a kid: Super Lemon.  Actually they come in a bunch of flavors, like Super Apple and Super Cola.

We used to sell these on the playground for $0.25 apiece to the non-Asian kids who didn't know where to buy them.  Hah!  We were entrepreneuer-capitalists even back then.

I always loved the cheeky comic-book packaging.  "OH! Powerful Candy."
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Wow that is blast from the past. Ironically in Irvine it was the white kids selling them to me the asian kid :D
I love those!
is this the candy that gives you a "buzz" on the tongue for like 1 min before it turns to sweet lemony candy? I remember eating bunch on these in kindergarten.
oh man, my brother and i totally used to eat these all the time. loved em...
I didn't know they still existed! I must get a bag now. haha, sweet, childhood candy.
Nice! I'm no where near one of those stores, care to send me a few bags?????
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