Best of Portland

Some of the top images from the weekend.  I'd say they capture the spirit of the town.


1. Hotel room at the Nines.
2. Bhumi and the funny four-way drinking fountains.
3. Prints at the Compound Gallery.
4. Woodblock prints at the Compound Gallery
5. "Drama" on the way to Powell's.
6. Bike stands in front of Powell's.
7. Powell's city of books.
8. Snack at Urban Fondue: white cheddar, gruyere, brie, caramelized onions, port.
9. Pink peonies at Sammy's Flowers.
10. Toga run on NW 23rd.
11. Desserts at Papa Hadyn.
12. Garry, Seth and Maureen at Papa Hadyn.
13. Seth's asparagus appetizer with poached egg on top.
14. My roasted chicken breast with mushroom-leek bread pudding.
15. Garry's croque monsieur.
16. The library at the Nines hotel.
17. Garry ordering a drink at Kelly's.
18. Random pants next to a dumpster.
19. Random gallery near Powell's.
20. T-shirt, as seen outside Byways Cafe.
21. Garry's OJ at Byways Cafe.
22. Amaretto french toast with pecan butter, bacon and over-easy egg at Byways Cafe.
23. Hallway at Kennedy School.
24. Garry and a drinking fountain at Kennedy School.
25. The gym at Kennedy School.
26. Detention Bar at Kennedy School.
27. Boiler Room Bar at Kennedy School.
28. Hockey masks at Local 35 on Hawthorne.
29. "Two heads tripping under one mushroom" at House of Vintage on Hawthorne.
30. Food cart on Hawthorne - CLOSED on Sundays =(.
31. Food carts on Hawthorne.
32. Garry and his spicy-grilled...corn on the cob.
33. Walking across Hawthorne Bridge.
34. Walking across Hawthorne Bridge.
35. Willamette River as seen off of Hawthorne Bridge.
36. "You're Cool" on Hawthorne Bridge.
37. Random park in downtown.
38. Sushi Land - conveyor belt sushi!

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#38 - is that Sushiland?! That will be the first restaurant that J and I hit once we get home!

#22 - The first time I come across some American bacon once I get home, someone will have to restrain me from eating a plate of it.

Brilliant. I usually 'fly' by my Postererous subscribes, and this time I did too. But I stopped at....the drinking fountains. 'Hey, I know those water fountains!' Flash. Backtrack, backtrack..sure enough, this is a PDX trip.

I'm born and raised in Portland, live in Shanghai. The rest of the images started to fall in place.

Tell me more about where these are, where you went.......back to PDX in August. Ace Hotel? Don't think so.
Food places....please tell.....

great post. thanks!

I love the bike stands! And the foooood. *_*
Where's the donuts. Bacon and maple. Powell's? You needs to go back.
Ditto on the bike stands, and omg, food pr0n!
Ok peoples! I added captions for all you curious georges.

@Min Yes, it was my first time having conveyor-belt sushi. And yes, real bacon was the #1 thing I missed about American food when I was in China! It is so hard to come by.

@crusty we skipped the donuts, but it's ok because we have Dynamo Donuts here in SF.

Whoo! #32!!!
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