Ate at McDonald's today for the first time in over a year.

I'd never even been inside the McDonald's near my apartment, so the renovations Garry appreciated were lost on me.  We had a very light lunch, having grazed on junk food all throughout our second-hour class at church. 

Had a double cheeseburger, a surprisingly delicious snack, especially for the delicious price of only $1.  Also had a Caesar salad with grilled chicken--using only about a third of the dressing, it was pretty darn tasty, and pretty healthful besides.

PS. The burger and salad looked nothing like these pictures.  But they were still enjoyable =)

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I'm pretty anti fast food. At one point I think I hadn't eaten at a McDonalds or other fast food chain restaurant for over 2 years. But eventually I gave in, but very sparingly. I do appreciate the low prices, and new healthier alternatives at these restaurants.

They are still a bit deceiving though. And totally defeated if you get fries with that healthy grilled chicken sandwich :)

In New York these places have to post calorie counts on the menus next to each item. That's a great idea. I actually walked into a McDonalds a couple weeks ago to use the ATM inside, considered buying something, but the crazy calorie counts scared me away :)

I agree about fast food in general, which is why we resisted the fries, thought I was very very very tempted to get them. 

A couple exceptions I will make are In-N-Out of course, but also White Castle.  One late night in New Jersey a couple months ago found me and a couple friends driving 13 miles to this crummy, scummy-looking White Castle in the middle of nowhere.  It was SO WORTH it.  I usually try to stay healthy but I am a sucker for processed meat.  Baloney, Vienna sausages, Spam... a White Castle cheeseburger so naturally and beautifully satisfies this strange craving, with its delightful and delicious fake-meat taste.

I've been avoiding them as well, much to the consternation of my 4-year-old. I finally caved and let him visit the place a couple of times and now I'm addicted to their milk shakes. Sigh.
After you read that Pollan book you'll want to stop going to McD's.
I think I've eaten at McDonald's or similar fast food place maybe 5 times in the last 10 years... yuck!

The McDonald's in London and elsewhere in Europe are much nicer inside (swanky even!) than most US locations, at least in my observation through windows and doors as I'm walking past. They've got an interesting pastel yellow and green color scheme.