And they ask me why I love LA...

Plans for tonight kind of fell together at the last minute.  

My childhood friend and I decided against the LACMA (free after 5pm) because of the protests happening near the Israeli consulate (I can't even begin to talk about that), and opted instead for a bit of boutique browsing on Melrose.  We went into one with some fashion-forward, well-priced-for-the-quality clothes.  I wasn't planning to get anything, but asked where they sourced their stuff--she told me California Mart, one of the largest fashion wholesale centers in the US.  It's in Downtown LA and has sample sales open to the public once a month.  My mom and I used to shop there years and years ago.

We also visited Susina, a decent bakery (but doesn't hold a candle to SF's Tartine), for a sticky bun.

The one thing I really miss about LA is, as ya'll know, the abundance of authentic, and amazingly cheap, ethnic food.  Tonight we went to Sanamluang Cafe in Thai Town (Hollywood Blvd. x Western Ave.).  I forgot how much tasty goodness can be had for $6.50.  We ordered:
  • Tom kha gai: A huge bowl of the sour-ish Thai soup, much like tom yum, except with coconut milk.  Flavored with lemongrass, galanga and cilantro, and chock-full of tender morsels of chicken and straw mushrooms.
  • Pad kee mow: Probably my favorite type of Thai noodle.  Flat rice noodles with tomatoes, onions, and your choice of ground meat (we chose beef).
  • Stir-fried eggplant, vegetarian style with tofu.
There was a ton of food left over, enough for another 2 people probably, and the whole thing cost like $22 including tax.  After that we headed to The Hungry Cat for drinks with some other friends.  I had a very delicious oatmeal stout from the Craftsman Brewing Co. and chocolate bread pudding.

Oh, and we scored some free parking on Sunset Blvd. just a block away from the Hungry Cat!

6 responses
That's all tasty looking great foodie love!
Sanamluang P: is always a fave.
Is food much more expensive in NorCal?
food.......L.A- just makes me wish I lived there.
Yes, food in the bay area is more expensive and not as tasteeeeeee!
You need to go to Palms thai food place. They are awesome. Get the pepper lime beef, it is to die for. Its on Hollywood and Bronson?? (a street that starts with a B)
I've been to Palms, too, it's good. Never been to Sanamluang though, I must add it to my list! Agree with you on Pad Kee Mao, actually I like Pad See Ew, and Rad Nah too, any dish with the flat rice noodles.