All different in the same way.

That's what I thought at first, when I opened up this house tour from Apartment Therapy SF.  All 'electic,' all 'vintage,' all stone Buddhas and mid-century modern!  For a moment, descriptions from went through my mind.

But, I was compelled to look at all 40 pictures, many different angles of this woman's--I admit it--gorgeously judicious ability to combine so many different elements into one cohesive space, and exercising such restraint!  First, her apartment is huge, and has great bones--wood paneling, crown molding, bay windows.  But as I progressed through this amazing house tour, I was a bit overwhelmed with joy and thought, this is a master at work.  If i lived in a place like this, i'd have thunk i died and went to heaven.  Bravissimo.

See the story and all 40 pictures here (>