Affordable Luxury, Pt. 2: Everyone with a tiny kitchen ought to have a kitchen rack.

I have wanted a kitchen rack for a long long time.  I don't know why I considered it to be so prohibitive.  I guess I never had the motivation to get one until I moved into this tiny mouse-hole apartment with its tinier mouse-hole kitchen.  You don't know how depressed it makes me to have such a tiny kitchen, with all the cooking I do (and all the appliances that need storage space!).

Enter: the IKEA kitchen rack.  I got this baby for a mere $15 at my local IKEA, plus $2.99 per pack of 5 hooks (I got two packs).  And, it was pretty easy to install.  I needed exactly 4 screws plus 4 plastic wall anchors.  Oh, and a drill.  We drilled four holes, hammered in the anchors, and then screwed the rack to the wall.  The whole process took 10-15 minutes.

I can now enjoy my cookery-as-wall-art, I have this stuff out of the way, and I don't even have to store my cookware in the oven like I was doing before this went up.  I even hang some of my cooking utensils!