A little AK Subs to soothe the soul.

I got in a minor car accident yesterday (don't worry, no one was hurt) and this was my first meal afterwards.  Look at that beast of a pastrami sub!  I went with a slightly healthier option which was also delish.

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What is AK? The 'wich in the basket looks rather appealing!
@stephen AK Subs is a little lunch/sandwich counter in the SOMA district of SF.  The sandwich in the basket is hot pastrami - indeed delicious =)
hmm yummy, glad to hear you're ok
Man, I'm surprised how much people are loving this sandwich!  I mean it was tasty, but doesn't it look beastly!?
Drive carefully and stay alive. Good to hear you survived.
yes, but the worst things for you are also the tastiest and we're talking paSSSTRAMMiiii hmmm hmmm good, hell I'm going to get me samwich for lunch now...
My top pick for pastrami sandwich is still Katz's deli in lower east side NYC... so awesomely juicy and peppery.
tu chez!
Touche you mean?
I am canot it it at least can watch the picture
Holy crap!
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