8:30pm dinner for one

Chicken drumstick pan-fried with garlic and parsley, and leftover braised salted-fish eggplant from R&G Lounge (my favorite dish there!) reinvented with some zucchini and chili flakes.  All over coconut rice.

Normally not terribly noteworthy except that--after more than two weeks without cooking at all, smelling garlic sizzling throughout my apartment was amazing.  As was biting into a flavorful, juicy and homemade chicken drumstick as I settled down to watch a cheesy romantic comedy (27 Dresses with Katherine Heigl), washed down with some Mango-Tango Odwalla mixed with sparkling water.  

I think I'm going to finish it off with a small square of Bhumi's birthday cake (homemade German chocolate cake with toasted almonds and coconut, which Candace made from scratch).  This, my friends, is the life.