2013 To-Do List

  • Japan
  • NYC/Boston
  • Somewhere in the southern hemisphere
  • Somewhere domestic: New Mexico, New Orleans, Yellowstone, Hawaii
  • Somewhere local: Tahoe in the summer, Big Sur weekend, etc.
  • Major closet overhaul 2x this year.
  • Rule: If I wouldn't pin it, I don't keep it, and I certainly won't buy it.
  • Buy 1 serious designer piece (still haven't done this, three years running).
  • Settle on and stick to a better skincare and hair care regimen.
  • Speak more slowly and stop using meaningless words in everyday conversation ("seriously," "like," "totally").
Time & Money
  • Don't be afraid to use professionals where time can be saved for better uses. This means hire a good house cleaner, a good seamstress, a cab/driver when necessary, a masseuse, an aesthetician, and enlist the help of professionals to manage my space/environment better than I can.
  • Get my finances and investments in order, for crying out loud.

Health & Spirituality
  • Journal at least 1x/day, even if it's just a sentence.
  • Read Scripture at least 1x/day, even if it's just a verse.
  • Pray at least 1x/day, even if it's just a "Thank You."
  • Exercise at least 3x/week, even if it's just a walk down the street.
  • Stop cursing
  • Spend no more than 1 hour a day on any social network: Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube.
  • Sleep <7 hours no more than 1 night/week.
Personal Projects & Organization
  • Learn how to code using codecademy.com
  • Finish my darn wedding photo album
  • Finish my darn honeymoon photo album
  • Finish organizing all my digital files
  • Finish organizing all my digital photos
  • Back everything up!!!
  • Process all remaining work files/papers
  • Recover all my old music and load onto iphone
  • Finish The Far Pavilions FINALLY
  • Read a biogoraphy of Genghis Khan
  • Cook: Julia Child's boeuf bourguinon, French macarons, homemade bread, cultured butter