2010 To-Do List: Results

Just wanted to follow up on my to-do list for 2010. I'd say it was less than 50% completed.


  • Buy a new computer (and maybe a smartphone), finally. I might still want to do this, but for now I'm using my work computer for most things.
  • Get texting enabled on my phone
  • Attempt to make French macarons (preferably chocolate) I had planned to use the leftover egg whites from the eggnog I made this season, but alas, I didn't have time and now they've spoilt in my fridge.
  • Start a journal for work/personal development
  • Use up the $20 credit that has been hanging around my RueLaLa.com account for months. This is more of a challenge than you'd think, because their inventory stinks.
  • Do a serious editing of my closet by the end of summer
  • Transfer to digital copy that play I produced in college and send it to all the cast/crew


  • Asia: Japan (visit Asta-PastaOR Hong Kong and one other Chinese province I haven't been (SichuanXinjiang, Tibet, Fujian) Next year, I swear!
  • Domestic: New Mexico Went to Joshua Tree National Park instead, does that count?, DC area, New Orleans/Texas, NYC OR Hawaii.
  • Local: LAKE TAHOE IN THE SUMMERTIME. And perhaps a local weekend camping trip.
  • Bonus: Europe OR South America (Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Peru OR Spain/Italy/Turkey/Greece OR Costa Rica)
  • Bonus: Winter Olympics in Vancouver!
Health & Wellness
  • Seriously, sleep 7+ hours at least 3x/week.  Sigh, it's a constant struggle that I never win.
  • Do something active 1-2 times a week (join a class if I have to), and hike 1x/month.
  • Strengthen my bum knee - 20 pounds (hey, baby steps).
  • Invest. I get half credit on this, having started small in something like a mutual fund, but I still have so much to learn about stocks.
Spiritual/Personal Growth
  • Pray, early and often
  • Give 10%. This was a shameful FAIL - rather was a year of conspicuous consumption.
  • Attend a smallgroup at least 2x/month
  • Cultivate charity, patience, serenity, and grace (in other words, stop talking and complaining so darn much) Ongoing.
  • Find one regular, long-term, and meaningful volunteer activity (identify by February 2010) Le sigh.
  • ReadThe Far Pavilions, Malcolm X, Confederacy of Dunces, BluebeardThe Master & Margarita, Dune  I actually don't consider this one a complete loss because I ended up reading/listening to a bunch of other books this year including: Bel Canto, Neverwhere, Wuthering Heights, and I'm halfway through Moby Dick.
  • WatchBrazilThe Orphic TrilogyM, finish Buffy: Season 7 (I'm halfway through, but they are scary to watch by myself!), Chariots of Fire, Rocky
Personal Projects
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Nice list.


Really start a journal, but no more than a line or two a day so you don't get bored. Get a nice SMALL book for the journal.
No worries George, I kept a journal from sixth grade well into college and beyond, but honestly blogging kind of killed it since it's so much more efficient. I just need to carve out more quiet time for myself in general. Thanks for your tips tho!

I had been making my list when this popped up - good progress on an ambitious list. Personally I'd lose A Confederacy of Dunces which is one of very few books I regret wasting time reading. But Neverwhere is lovely... Would be interested to hear about the success of the macarons.. I would recommend making them somewhere spacious as while mine tasted nice, cramped conditions led to rather more on the floor than I'd bargained for. Good luck wiht the 2011 plans.
+1 for ditching "A Confederacy of Dunces" Great job on your list!
You've got such a great list!

I highly recommend writing a script! I challenged myself to do that several years ago and wow, I have an entirely new respect for what's on TV and in the theaters. If you're serious about the script, check out dailyscript.com...lots of real TV and movie scripts so you get a feel for them.

Thanks Cam! =D Stay tuned for the 2011 list!