2010 To-Do List (hopefully more reasonable this time)

  • Asia: Japan (visit Asta-PastaOR Hong Kong and one other Chinese province I haven't been (Sichuan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Fujian)
  • Domestic: New Mexico, DC area, New Orleans/Texas, NYC OR Hawaii.
  • Local: LAKE TAHOE IN THE SUMMERTIME. And perhaps a local weekend camping trip.
  • Bonus: Europe OR South America (Argentina/Brazil/Chile/Peru OR Spain/Italy/Turkey/Greece OR Costa Rica)
  • Bonus: Winter Olympics in Vancouver!
Health & Wellness
  • Seriously, sleep 7+ hours at least 3x/week.
  • Do something active 1-2 times a week (join a class if I have to), and hike 1x/month.
  • Strengthen my bum knee - 20 pounds (hey, baby steps).
  • Invest.
Spiritual/Personal Growth
  • Pray, early and often
  • Give 10%.
  • Attend a smallgroup at least 2x/month
  • Cultivate charity, patience, serenity, and grace (in other words, stop talking and complaining so darn much)
  • Find one regular, long-term, and meaningful volunteer activity (identify by February 2010)
  • Read: The Far Pavilions, Malcom X, Confederacy of Dunces, Bluebeard, The Master & Margarita, Dune
  • Watch: Brazil, The Orphic Trilogy, M, finish Buffy: Season 7, Chariots of Fire, Rocky
Personal Projects
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Inspiring like always...go get 'em Steph! HNY!
Good list for 2010. I hope you accomplish it all. Happy New Year!
I love how you basically have "OKRs" for your personal life :) Good luck with these awesome goals in 2010!!
@Mina and @Kimberly Thanks and happy new year to you too!
@Vivian It's funny they do sound like OKRs, but I've been doing a yearly list since 7th grade, long before I even heard of OKRs =)
Btw, you can very easily fit in a trip to Japan AND Hong Kong by stopping over in Japan as part of your flight to/from HK (Northwest does a stopover). I'm just saying. =D
Lols, duly noted Pasta dear.  Will keep you posted on travel plans!
Believe it or not, this is the post that I have been looking forward to from last year! :) Happy New Year!
@Eric glad to deliver!  Wow I don't think much has changed since last year but hope it was worth the wait =)