2009 To-Do List

Happy New Year, all!  As Garry mentioned, I've made a 'to-do' list every year since seventh grade.  It began as a 'secret wish' list with some pretty dumb things on it, but soon turned into a list of goals. I never expect to accomplish everything (like any to-do list), but I'm happy if I get more than half done.  I find it easier if I come up with very specific things--helps keep me on track.

So the one exception was 2008.  I never did a to-do list this past year, and lo and behold, I got jack-sh*t done.  So it's back to business as usual.  For reference, I've transferred my old 2007 list of things to do to a privitized post.

  • Summer weekend trip to Lake Tahoe
  • One long-weekend domestic trip: New Mexico, Portland, New Orleans/Texas, Hawaii, Yellowstone, OR DC area
  • Visit LA at least 2x and go to Magic Mountain
  • Visit (or camp at) Muir Woods, Mt. Tam, Bodega Bay, northern CA (Eureka or Shasta), and one California destination I've never heard of.  Addition: Getaway to Sonoma.
  • Fall 2009 trip - China/SE Asia, Japan, South America, Costa Rica, Western Australia OR Spain/Morocco
Health & Wellness
  • Sleep at least 7 hours/night (before 12:30am on weeknights)
  • Wear sunscreen daily, and lip balm for my perpetually chapped lips
  • Move my bike from home (in LA) to the Bay Area
  • Hike once a month.
  • Conquer my asthma and my gimp knee (so I can ski by next winter)
  • ...and get my weight back down to 120-125lbs., however that has to happen (gymming, walking, eating less).
  • Take a self-defense class
Personal Projects

Sewing (skills): Learn one new technique every month, things like: install a zipper, read/execute a pattern, tailoring techniques such as darts, princess seams, etc., create a pattern, smocking and shirring, install interfacing, create pleats, Hong Kong seams, linings for anything, make a pocket, and dye fabric
    Sewing (projects): 
    • Finish my fingerless gloves
    • Alter the $5 sari dress and skirt that I bought at the Lotus Festival and never wore.
    • Make a sundress out of the pretty batik I bought in Malaysia last year.
    • Make an evening/cocktail dress out of the material I bought at Joann's + all the sewing ideas I've been collecting for the past few months
    • Make an obi-style belt 
    • Organize recipes and start recording family favorites and newly inspired creations in a journal or binder.
    • Master my slow-cooker so I don't starve when I start my new job
    • Recipes to master: 
      • The 'One Great Cookie' recipe for browned-butter cookies in the 2006 issue of Gourmet Magazine
      • My coworker's famous chocolate-chip cookie recipe
      • Addition: my old boss' wonderful recipe for blueberry scones
      • A really great gingerbread cookie recipe
      • Chili (this one was too tomato-y)
      • The Google chef's recipe for madeleines
      • Baked butterfish with miso glaze like they used to make in our cafeteria
      • Flan!
    Volunteering: Find one great organization/activity to commit to.

    General Know-how:
    • Learn about the import/export process and more about retail distribution
    • Read some of those motivational books and start a learning journal of sorts.
    Just for Fun
    • Taiko drumming classes.
    • Organize and post my photos from my trip to Asia last year
    • 3x the average traffic-per-post on my blog
    • Use my new 40-min. commute to learn some things.  Get Spanish-language and Chinese-language tapes.
    • Work on an indie film. Bug former coworker Tony about producing his next movie OR get involved in a theater production (ask Annie).
    • Film footage and piece together a 5-10 minute short of any kind.
    • Work with my mom to translate my grandmother's life story, and interview my dad about his family history.
    • Send out Christmas cards next year
    • Take 1 class with Doc Wong, and learn how to drive stick shift.
    • Mail out DVD copies of the play I produced 5 years ago to the cast/crew, which have been sitting on my desk for the past 3 years -___-
    • Incorporate lessons learned from my last job. Take more responsibility for my career.
    • Manage expectations and deliver on promises.
    • Exceed my quarterly targets
    • Be on time
    • Respond to important e-mails within 2 hours and keep my inbox under 20 messages
    • Find projects beyond the core role by Q2-3
    • Get promoted
    • Decide on B-school once and for all
    • Don't buy any more clothing or home stuff until my birthday (in February).
    • Pay off my car loan
    • Read www.fool.com or other other educational resources once a week and take a couple seminars about investing.  Learn about stocks and all that, because it's Greek to me now.  And identify 3 areas to invest in.
    • Donate at least 10% of my net earnings to church and some non-profits that are doing great work.
    Spiritual, Personal Improvement, and Miscellaneous
    • Develop a daily prayer life. Pray regularly for my daddy.
    • Re-join a small group at church and go 2x/month
    • Forgive and let go of some specific, debilitating things from my past
    • Work on communication (synthsizing/clarity) and listening skills.
    • Give up something that matters for someone who truly needs it
    • Buy only clothing made of natural materials: cotton, linen, bamboo, leather, silk, wool.  This will force me to get fewer things of higher quality, rather than synthetic blends like the cheap stuff from Forever 21 that pills after 2 wears.
    • Clean out/reorganize my closet twice
    • Read: The Far Pavilions, Malcom X's Autobiography, and at least 2 other novels
    • Watch: After Life, Carnivale Season 1, Hellboy 1 and 2, Elizabeth 1 and 2, It's a Wonderful Life, Waking Life, Slumdog Millionaire, the Orphic Trilogy, the Decalogue, Brazil, M, Wild Strawberries
    • Organize my mp3s and create a handful of playlists so I can start using my iPod again
    • ...and the one thing that will make it all possible: STOP WASTING SO MUCH TIME.  Spend less than 1.5 hours/day online--do less online shopping and find a way to blog more efficiently!
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    ... as for blogging more efficiently, how about Posterous v2.0? Instead of parsing your emails and posting, it reads you mind and posts ...
    That sounds pretty good hahaha.
    Best of luck to you and your list. You can do it!!!
    You have put quite a lot of thought into that list!
    I remember when my youngest was little I found a list of hers...
    1. wake up
    2. get dressed
    3. brush teeth
    A bit simpler than yours but I think some people are just list makers from day 1, she still is. Good luck with yours!
    very long list but perfect i don't have any list for this year but i will try to do one next year i hope:)
    GL with the list steph; they seem doable. Also, if you like hiking, do more of that than 1x a month. The best way to stay active is to find things you enjoy doing rather than forcing yourself to do things you don't enjoy (or even just enjoy less).
    Thanks Mark.  I love hiking.  But, it's not something I can do alone (just doesn't seem safe) and it's not that easy to get people to go with me.  So I figure 1x/month is more realistic, but obviously I would aim for ofterner =)
    Oftener i mean.
    you are THOROUGH! ...I should make a list like this. you've inspired me. well done. (good luck!)
    Hehe, have fun!  It's always fun for me =)
    inspirational stuff Steph - I'm now planning my own (which will be shorter and lean more toward finding more snacking opportunities, but still...) Wishing you a great, fulfilling '09
    Your goals list is amazing, detailed and covers the whole gamut!

    As for the import/export stuff, read the US tariff. Are you interested in starting an import/export business? The US tariff will give you a basic idea on the free trade agreements, quotas, requirements, duty/tax rates and detailed data.


    There's a lot of information for you to peruse there! Importing textiles and clothing can get very complicated, messy and frustrating. Textiles are highly protected and regulated. Customs inspects the marking, labeling and they have labs to test the legitimacy of certain manufactured items.

    Wow, thanks for the tip Janet!
    It was the link to the chocolate chip cookie adventure on Gchat that got me to click in, but great list! For the online time resolution, I found it helped me to make a to-do list for what I was going to accomplish online. That kept me focused while online instead of surfing, it was fun [I know ;o)] to check the items off, and I'd shut down when done. Also, the donating is great because it affects the way you think about investing.
    thanks winita!  great to hear from you =D  I hope things are well for yo!
    skip the hellboys =[. for your own good!
    Hah hah!  I hear they are pretty good actually.  Can't be worse than Underworld: Rise of the Lychens.
    Since 7th GRADE? Holy Cow! I'd like to see the progression. What a thread that would make. How's your completion ratio?
    Haha I think my other lists are hidden in notebooks back at my parents' house.  Completion ratio is usuallya bout 50% or more.
    Hehe, have fun! It's always fun for me =)
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