1pm Lunch of Leftovers: I love cooking with Garry.

It's been so long since I've cooked regularly. We roasted ruby fingerling potatoes from Berkeley Bowl with garlic and rosemary, sauteed fresh asparagus with hen-of-the-woods mushrooms and shallots, and pan-seared wild coho salmon and smothered it in this lovely giant white bean and tomato tapenade-y thing from TJ's.

Followed by a viewing of 'the Fighter,' curled up on the couch. Perfect-o!
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Here are my favorite cooking tips that I learned; some are obvious but simultaneously genius, some are very surprising, and all are just plain helpful. Check them out!

1. To peel a tomato, peach, or anything else with skin, dip quickly in a pot of boiling water. Stick a fork into the stem and use a paring knife to easily remove the skin.

2. Dried out coconut can be revitalized by sprinkling with milk and letting it stand for about ten minutes.

3. Slipping garlic clove skins off is easy if you zap them in the microwave for about 15 seconds first.

Healthy cooking tips

Your food pictures always look so good, you're making me hungry!
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