10pm supper for one: Gnocchi in egg sauce and purple carrot stir-fry

If you meet a picky eater who won't eat his/her veggies, maybe you ought to try feeding that fussy-fuss some PURPLE VEGGIES.  Because they are so much fun, and tasty besides.  You may already know I have a penchant for purple things that normally come in other colors.  I should clarify: I have a penchant for purple vegetables that normally come in other colors.  Bruises and other bodily injuries do not count.

I got these gorgeous purple carrots from, where else, Berkeley Bowl market.  I love getting things there that I can't get anywhere else.  I was dismayed to see that the purple color was so delicate - even rubbing the carrots too vigorously while washing took away a lot of the color, so I didn't even bother peeling them.  

I thought maybe like potatoes and bell peppers, the purple color would turn brown upon cooking, so I tried a couple bites of raw carrot and made a face.  I do not like raw carrots.  So I cooked it.  With sliced zucchini, mushrooms, and lots of garlic!  The purple color ended up holding well, which made me happy. I'd say it was a delicious success.  Lovely earthy texture, and the flavors went so well together I just wanted to shovel it in my mouth and dish some more.

Anyway, for starch I was attempting to make a supposed carbonara sauce and failed, but it was still tasty.  I even browned the butter before frying my gnocchi in it.  But the gnocchi were much too hot, and as soon as I dumped my egg/parmesan mixture, it curdled and became scrambled eggs.  I tried to thin the mixture with some pasta water but it was a no-go.  Scrambled eggs they were, and scrambled eggs they remained, with delightful little lumps of potato gnocchi.  Finished off with some salt and pepper, it still made a wonderfully simple and satisfying dinner.
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For me: PB&J sandwich, one banana, 20 almonds, and a cup of chamomile tea.
Oh Vince, that's a snack. Not a meal. >:O
Yum. Looks delish, Stephanie.
Looks great!
No wonder it's a 10 PM supper. It took that long to create.
@George to be fair I started cooking at 8:30 and sat down to eat at
9:30, so it didn't take THAT long
Looks delicious. What about the wine ?
Since you're on Italian recipes, personally I'd like a Nobile di Montepulciano. Basically it's a San Giovese grapes but whit in some Mammolo and Cannaiolo Nero. It's not really expensive, but usually delicious !!!
Hmm I don't usually drink wine on a week night but I'll keep that
suggestion in mind for the next dinner party!
Wow.. Looks absolutely delicious! I love colorful food.. it always peps up my mood no matter what. :)
@Preethi yup colorful food is the best =)
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