10:30 supper for one: I am an f-ing genius.

Avocado + prosciutto.  Hand-shelled buttered English sweet peas.  Pan-fried red snapper.

The genius part was the idea I had for preparing the fish.  As you may know, one usually breads fish (or any meat) by dusting in flour, then dipping in beaten egg, then covering with breading.  This adds unnecessary starch and fat, methinks, plus it requires you salt the fish separately.

So I decided to streamline the process by using sticky miso paste (which inexplicably does NOT freeze even when I store it in my freezer - really low freezing point?) which adheres easily to the fish, captures breadcrumbs, AND adds flavor and salt, all in one fell swoop.  It fried up really nicely in some olive oil and tasted deeeee-licious.  * Bow *